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So you want to find out a little more about Peachpuff Studios?

I've pulled together some highlights from the website to help guide you around.

Peachpuff Studios was established in 2020 because honestly, there isn't enough fun and colourful home decor products targeted towards adults. Designed to infuse personality into any space or room, with its happy-go-lucky DNA, the brand is growing to be best known for the fun-loving attitude to handcrafted products.

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Free delivery over £35.

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Helping to support a small business.

Every penny made is put back in to help grow the business. And yes, the happy dance is real.

Handmade in London.

Using high-quality materials and techniques to handcraft every single product. It's like a special gift, from me to you.


"Why have boring things, when you can fill your home with products that make you feel happy."

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