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This is Peachpuff Studios.

Established in 2019, Peachpuff Studios is the maker of handmade home decor and gifts, designed to infuse personality into any space or room. With its happy-go-lucky DNA, the brand is growing to be best known for the fun-loving attitude to handcrafted products.

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Purple Corduroy Makeup Bag
Blue Cord Scrunchie
White Fluffy Teddy Makeup Bag
Purple Cord Scrunchie
Yellow Cotton Scrunchie
Sun Ray Art Print
Simple Floral Art Print
Rainbow Teddy Makeup Bag
Lavender Fluffy Plush Makeup Bag
Pink Fluffy Plush Makeup Bag
Pink Cotton Checked Scrunchie
Yellow Linen Scrunchie
Blue Linen Scrunchie
Yellow Quilted Makeup Bag
Pink Corduroy Makeup Bag
Yellow Ruffle Canvas Tote Bag
Purple Ruffle Cushion Cover
Sage Green Corduroy Cushion Cover
Yellow Corduroy Cushion Cover